The big heart of women

I began with the intention of creating self-ironic female figures, who spoke about their feelings, their condition in a light way.

It has been interesting to express my thoughts, thru my operas, about women’s emancipation in Dubai, the most open Muslim city in the world.

Working in Italy, in Ravenna, I continue to reflect on this theme, the body of the Ladies has been lightened, the figure has risen, slimmed; the new design came from my teenage imagination of a slender and fashionable woman, the fashion of the ’70s.

All of us know that the road to reach gender equality is still long, and that this condition is critical to the development and peace   of every nation in the world.

My challenge is to take on this very serious content, that is close to my heart, and present it in an amusing way.

Facts speak about terrible, daily cases of feminicide in Italy, but not only there. I am continuously shocked about those facts, every day, about women killed by their ex partners because they don’t accept to be left by their girlfriend or wife.

In some Ladies I haven’t expressed their faces to underline the condition of annihilation and invisibility that often women are forced to live through.

Roberta, ceramic sculptures between East and West

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