The A..mareggiate, Dunes, Contemporary Mosaics

A…mareggiate 20×20

Thinking of the sea in a 20cm by 20 cm area, to the waves, the splashes, its reflections, the colors and the scents.

I act on the clay carving, curving, removing and adding white clay; I impress marks that bring me back to the shoreline.

Movement. The perpetual motion of the sea. Sinuous lines on the sand.

The wind. I create.


Drying. The first firing. Finally, it is coming out of the kiln.

The color phase begins.

The white has a lot to say, it leaves room for imagination. I choose the color, light blue, blue and turquoise in the infinite shades.

Purple is the sunset.


Crystalline. Second firing. Again the surprise of the kiln.

Assembly. Suspension. Lightness.



The A..mareggiate

The Dunes

Fascinated by the sinuous lines that the wind creates on the sand, I wanted to interpret the dunes with pieces in papier-mâché and in ceramics.


Contemporary Mosaics

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