Pandora ceramic artists together against the Covid-19 epidemic

The ceramist artists of the Pandora Association join to give life through the creation and sale of a vase, in favour of the fundraising campaigns to support operators and hospitals that at this moment need help. The initiative provides online exhibition of handmade vases in unique specimens that reinterpret the myth of Pandora’s box inside which hope is kept.

The methods of donation for the purchase of the Roberta Barlati porcelain vase are as follows:
with the purchase, the customer keeps the vase for himself and the money will be credited to Ravenna Hospital by bank transfer.

porcelain vase h. cm. 45

Porcelain vase h. cm. 45- year 2019 – €.250

Roberta Barlati



Made with the casting technique in a cardboard mold

To make the donation contact Roberta at 3389696894

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