Thanks to the Pandora Association for choosing one of my Ladies for the “Alice and the others” exhibition at the Royal Palace of Caserta on May 19th and 20th at Buongiorno Ceramica 2018, where the Italian cities of ceramics celebrate on these dates the ancient art through exhibitions, workshops, shops and open museums, meetings, music and food!

The work I present is “Be beautiful and keep quiet” title taken from the book by Michela Marzano, where The great heart of women is the leitmotif that drives me, that big heart that is sometimes the double-edged weapon that it can hurt, but this can not be silenced.

I continue to use a light and sustainable material such as cardboard, which model and assemble to form the mold for casting porcelain paperclay, I like the texture that the cardboard imprints in the shapes and I like the purity of the material I use, white, smooth, pure.

When I remove the cardboard from the dried piece I seem to peel a fruit and it is at this point that you have to use caution, breaks are lurking and the rush to see how the piece came can ruin a lot of work, even if the paperclay reduces the fragility typical of porcelain.

In any case, the kiln will give the last touch. The cooking temperature is around 1200 degrees, the final product is the bisquit, the porcelain biscuit. But you do not eat my loved ones!

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